Episode 1: Summer Sales and Photoshopped Spiders

Episode 2: Child Labor and the Description of Jesus

Episode 3: Call Centers and Butterfly Dragons

Episode 4: Mennonite Jam and Mystic Hot Springs

Episode 5 - The Wonderful World of Retail and Have You Met Jake & Dyllan?

Episode 6: The Freshman 15. . . More Like The Cubicle 35

Episode 7: Construction Man to Pool Service Boy

Episode 8: The Cat in the Hat & Movie Theaters

Episode 9: Office Birthdays and the Jesus Year

Episode 10: Sharing a Hotel Room and the Desert Safari

Episode 11: The Certified Babysitter & the Male Movement

Episode 12: Donuts in Gym Bags & STD's

Episode 13: The Best Way to Be the Worst Boss

Episode 14: Season 1 Finale